West meets East…

Warren on left. Your team in centre and Lan on right

The simple story of how a western tour manager met an eastern tour guide – and never looked back…

Take two committed professionals from different cultures, blend in a quest for the very best personal service and a twist of creativity  – you have a recipe for the perfect tour!

Back in early 2010, Warren was leading a photo-tour through Vietnam and Lan was booked as the local guide for a section of the route.

Warren says: “It was the first time I’d worked with Lan and within 2 minutes I could see she was very professional. Within 3 months we were making plans for our own company. Now, 7 years later we are still business partners, always finding ways to be even better”. I’ve been fascinated with Vietnam since growing up watching wartime newsreel in the 1960’s. When I first visited some years ago I was totally captivated – as most people are.
Lan says: “Warren has a style of communication with people that I never saw before or since.
He has an amazing knowledge of my country and always manages to add something special into our itineraries. I’m sure this is why every client we’ve had since day one, says such nice things about us”.
Dear Warren,
You and Lan (delightful) are a great team.Can Tho Victoria Hotel…wonderful and tell them to change NOTHING… We don’t think there is anything they could improve on.
Warren… the greatest thing you and Lan have to offer is the absolute commitment you offer your clients. For Gae and I ,your daily monitoring of our visit was deeply appreciated.
Thank you Warren for everything. You are a committed professional,and I will do whatever I can to promote your excellent product.



Terry & Gaye


  • To have adventures but in safety and comfort – not too risky but still exciting and intriguing.
  • To make a real connection with local people, chatting to them about their lives and really getting to understand their culture and lifestyle.
  • Not to feel “packaged” – and to (sometimes) be in the only vehicle in the car park!
  • To learn about the culture, history and politics of the country and its people.
  • To sample local cuisine that has been hygienically prepared and adapted to the western palate (no claw or beak in the chicken curry!)
  • To enjoy a wide variety of experiences and see things that are not on the normal tourist trail.
  • To stay (where possible) in comfortable, individual boutique accommodation rather than large, impersonal hotels.
  • To have opportunities to be hands-on, to actually try their hands at some of the things the locals do such as harvesting rice or riding an ox cart.

A shared passion for perfection...

Ms Lan
Client Care

After study at Hue University, attaining a degree in English, Lan became a nationally qualified Vietnam Tour Guide in 2007.

A native of Hue City, where she lives with her husband – Loc, Lan is owner and Operations Manager of the company.

Lan herself organises all in-country arrangements, managing a team spread between the Mekong Delta in the south to Sapa in the north.

A committed tour professional, both as a guide and as a manager – her outstanding charm and personality, is something positively commented on by our clients.

Warren Garber
Tour Planning and Advice

Warren’s insatiable desire for globe-trotting has taken him touring to North and South America, Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Warren has lived and worked across Britain, USA, Europe – and now based in Asia since 2009.

Warren researches our tours, experiences and logistics, throughout Indochina, so that we can deliver an outstanding experience to all our clients.

He is married and based in Phnom Penh with his Khmer wife and step-daughter. In his spare time he still loves to travel and is learning to play Tenor Saxophone.